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I told my dad at age 7 that I wanted to be an inventor and my best friend that I wanted to be superman when I grew up. I didn’t end up as superman, but I managed to become an inventor in my own regards.

By the time I was beginning high school, I knew I wanted to be an engineer. I didn’t know which kind yet, but I attended Westside Engineering & Geosciences Academy to find out where I wanted to be. During my junior year, I received a summer internship at Shell Oil Company and at that time decided I wanted to be a Petroleum Engineer to better understand how the oil and gas industry worked.

I began attending the University of Houston with a major in Petroleum Engineering in fall of 2013 and my journey is currently 3/4ths of the way now done, yet only beginning.

I have experience in upstream/midstream energy, public policy/affairs, technical research/design, and business development. I am looking to impact the energy industry in a ethical, socially responsible, and disruptive manner in the upcoming future.

This blog/portfolio site is here to show you more of what’s happened in the past 4 years and where I plan to head soon. I found my passion and I plan to show you what it is all about.


Maziar Zarea

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What do I bring to the table?

I am a natural born leader who has a knack for connecting people and bringing innovative solutions to the table regardless of the industry. Throughout my undergraduate schooling, I developed a passion for leading and developing engineering teams in technology-driven environments, whilst leveraging my cross-disciplinary experiences in the Energy industry.

  • Developing teams
  • Public Speaking
  • Ethics, Integrity, and Safety
Engineering Design
Business Development
Technical Research


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